Top Secret Area EP

by Invalids

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Travis thumbnail
Travis Brings me back to my TTNG days...and I'm really glad to be back. The song is always heading in another emotional direction and making even the most chaotic feel confident and complacent. It's a wonderful thing that I found this, and glad to investigate the rest (even though I missed out on the tapes...). Favorite track: Bismarck.
kreg thumbnail
kreg Brilliant math-rock. Long track lengths but one is never left bored or tired. Favorite track: Bismarck.
Troy Fryer
Troy Fryer thumbnail
Troy Fryer Bismark is heavenly. The first 1:25 and last 2:03 are just bliss, and get looped many times when I listen. Admittedly, it gets more plays than Dolly Zoom, but the tapping and key modulations in Dolly Zoom are themselves remarkable. Absolutely incredible for a two-track EP. Favorite track: Bismarck.
azzerad thumbnail
azzerad surpassing the already near flawless wonder of "euonia" and "two hundred second"ep comes this-the perfect marriage of mathrock structure and wide eyed pop hooks. their best stuff yet Favorite track: Bismarck.
channing chu
channing chu thumbnail
channing chu Bismarck never gets old.. it's one of those songs you can listen to over and over again infinitely
(thank you) x ∞ P(davis)+n(shaw) Favorite track: Bismarck.
Trent Schovanec
Trent Schovanec thumbnail
Trent Schovanec Amazing instrumentation with catchy vocals. Another home run from invalids. Favorite track: Dolly Zoom.
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Friends of ours at SHAME Records approached us about the possibility of printing professional-quality DIY cassettes of a short release. The idea for this cassette was to play around with the notion of purely physical releases, like when punk bands put out EPs only on 7" records and young me and even younger Nick could only ever hear them with a turntable or perhaps friends or family or friends of family with turntables thereof. For a short time, we've recreated that environment, where the only way to hear these tracks (and the instrumentals on the B-side) are via physical cassettes in a deck. No MP3s allowed.

Although, this is the 21st century, so I mean, digitals came forth, because of course we're rocking this thing on our iPods I mean come on.

Cassettes Dec. 2013

Digitals March 4th, 2014

Invalids tabs:




released December 17, 2013

Pete Davis: guitars, vocals, drum programming

Nick Shaw: bass

Music and lyrics by Pete Davis
Recorded by Invalids

Artwork by Yvette Young

Distributed by SHAME records



all rights reserved


Invalids Princeton, New Jersey

Invalids started as the bedroom project of Pete Davis (with remote internet-based collaboration with other musicians). As of March 2015, it has grown to a proper four-piece band with the addition of Joe Scala, Raymond Bonanno, and Brock Benzel.

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Track Name: Bismarck
Maggots in my shoes
Put them on no matter what
Business interview

Don’t recall, poised in empty halls,
Patterned and installed, understated, undissolved
Cleaned up the floor, clean to keep unused
Close the bedroom door, close to coming loose, and what’s the use?
Not sure what to do, the flu shot gave us the flu

We heard that it was buried in the yard just past the reddest leaves,
And left carried on the breeze, resigned to dig a hole
Consistent with the angles we were told
And we felt it warming up, pushed the earth beneath our feet
Aberrant sound against the anomaly, we gathered close,
And like we’d always seen, brushed off the dust and the dirt,
As the covering recedes, a gentle glow lit our faces light, but only from beneath

Like flashlights, and bed sheets, and ghost stories

Knowing that we stayed up too late,
Revel in hanging on every word
Comforted, no matter how many times, it’s still a surprise
The kind of things we could repeat
The kind of things we could believe
The kind of things we teased, but left alone, we couldn’t sleep

Do you cover your mouth to breathe?
Do you ask for anything?
You close your eyes so all you see, the negative

They used to walk right across the Bering Sea on foot
Can you still believe that if you dug a hole straight down and still beyond
The mantle, through and through the asthenosphere,
You’d get to China? But they’re not, nor have they ever been, our antipodes
And just like me, not even halfway through before you lost your light
(and inevitably freeze)

If it’s just down the street, if you promise to be careful
But it’s just down the street, but it’s just down the street

Curtains quickly drawn and hoped no one saw
Resigning to covering your ears
So all you hear is the sound of your own blood
Running downhill to earn your gravity
Ignoring stride to feel free of form

And there had to be a secret underneath, that even though the surface gleamed,
As the sole to the feet, or the tongue to the teeth,
What you thought was a flower enamored of its bees, you came to see
The mechanics disagree
Found success to pry without marring all the sides
There was no beautiful design, just elaborate mistakes barely held in place
Some off, disfigured view you wish you never knew
Track Name: Dolly Zoom
Feels like that means something

Took our picture when our hair was too long
Used to look so much better than now

Trouble is remembering what was said
The colored pages of the script that we dismissed
A shadow cast, that you never knew me when I was young
We never threw anything away (just in case)

Stand up straight

Remember when we were all so eager just to get somewhere new?
I know we knew
(bent into some unnatural strain)
Animate inanimate, like watching just before it starts to fall
Like tucking in my shirt cause I knew this was gonna be serious this time
(like messing up the order of the answers on our hands, what might we pull off)

Leaning towards windows while it grows

Learning words from how we think they’re being used,
And using them to mean what they don’t really mean
Leaving home with it pocketed when we really needed it,
Returning to discover that we hadn’t left with anything
(return to being left alone)

Stay awake

Arm in a cast, you broke it falling in slow motion
We never knew that we could take it, we take it, we take it away

Technically, light’s the only thing that we can see
Have you ever thought about what that really means?
The sky, so lit up at night, has already passed us by
Has already had its life
Lived some benign analogy
Some asinine ontology