Fulfillment EP

by Invalids

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Held collective hope that after all it won’t come true By the time we get to you You’ll be tired of what we do (still there for Hour by hour) I waited up Why can’t we send My ghost instead All we used to wish to be Forms that covered the sky black The nimbostratus and downpour Lately it seems like sometimes I forget to breathe And I don’t mean poetically As if I can’t keep my own speed It’s like at least subconsciously I take in air and then release But don’t repeat Like I had gotten all I need Just under halfway there Pause just for a second The rain keeps getting in Can’t see our back window Go on Fall asleep Cold, your forehead Against the glass I don’t bother anymore With things I used to do Honest, I won’t bother you The instance (the relay) Its position in space Up ahead the streets were dead The lantern lit a glow from above your bed And we both noticed if you stare for long enough The patterns start to seem like they’re no longer there Hoped you wouldn’t mind The only number I could try When there was only silence on the other side, What did it sound like?
Pulse soared in free form An effort to try more Careful on calm shores A still hand, a stale core I walked inside, turned the key clockwise I didn’t want you to get caught in this So sent digressions instead I guess it’s just the way Everyone else was made I hoped this time I’d stay We can’t just build new roads Across these empty plots of land that we don’t own We’ll just have to rely A little longer on our current failing infrastructure Oceans look no deeper Unless their buoyancy’s tested You said it’s time to get up The light already shown It’s getting harder to make Whatever I could just postpone Til tomorrow There was an answer I just don’t Remember now You used to wake up at night You sat next to the door You used to wonder how we could relive All the dreams explored The night before You used to slow at the corners We used to want to grow Now we’re better off, right? Once in a while I find myself floating If you just stay still you won’t notice The current pulling Drift an undulant form Further than seagulls will go Left the phone beside the bed I left the key on the desk Whatever else I may have left I can come and take the rest Slow the current goes Don’t wait up til I get home Tow and tethered flow I’ll be right outside the door Don’t forget your classes start Don’t forget to study hard Hope you do your best, I do Sorry I can’t be there
Instead of walking backwards Instead of lying there ‘til all the blood left our heads Instead of warming to regret One night so far I slept on the floor of the van A letterhead How close were the friends you’d never see again How close had it all been happening We drove beyond the pavement We never made it to the top Walked to see the Perseides Only so many years with such an optimal Zenithal hourly rate But still the clearings Southwest of Portland The northeast sky Was completely obscured by Bright city lights We couldn’t see anything How can we by our own glow be polluted? Two days so far We met sitting in the back yard Remembering names we haven’t heard in so long Places we used to think we belonged What’s it like To have seen us again? To be back at your old address again Had it stayed when you had moved away? Late the next night We saw them cross the sky their last time And still the bed wasn’t made to lie within it I wasn’t home the time you came to visit And still feel there’s something missing Efforts to be more distant There were no questions that you had to ask me There were no complications as it was We started sharing less and less Adhesive releases if we pull gradually Fostered unspoken disparity Under a light it came gradually apart Giving back half what we’re given Opened the door to hear the street End where the other starts Hoping that we ever get back Even half what we’re giving
I wrote as fast as I could, almost illegible All interrupted thoughts and vague embellishments I didn’t want to show how much I didn’t know My nervous hand started sweating through the pages And slid across everything written in lines above And all the words I wrote started running together (and all the ink began bleeding together) Woke in cold sweat, power’s out again (and I was scared they’d hear my heart beating then) I can’t see past my mirror So, every once in a while, it would happen again There was a lesson we never had learned That it was even more difficult keeping it in I guess we had a habit of forming another extreme Efforts that felt more sensed than seen When you finally saw what it read, Despite what I said, it’s not how I meant it My car wouldn’t start The glass had frozen The past week, every day had been ten below I guess I felt it coming I knew that someday, It’d never start again (it would die here) I guess it’d be best if we just found A way to let ourselves disconnect from Everything we’ve come to depend on (I’m writing you for the last time) Still it was better to be Left a metaphor, a broken analogy Deadline got the best of me Stop. Ceiling shot collecting above Door could not quite shut All I witnessed was The reflection of your hair You were flying out that day Just past first light We didn’t know what to say And you were gone An echo hushed beneath Though breaks the dawn, The nocturne followed me And my inverted sleep Still lasted for a week Accumulated there Several inches deep Returning from reprieve The place we used to be Anticipating everyone you see Will ask you the same thing Morning came It crested over the skyline (although we know better, I’ll wait at home) The next stop was mine Still I lied (I'll wait, I'll wait, I know, I know) The train kept grinding along its flanges Carried us along underground Fewer fewer further down leaving Silent slid the doors sealed again Couldn’t stop the morning air entering I know, I will lie on
Thrown in paths elliptical Lasted just an hour Called us all to witness We hoped for total blackened sky Awakened street lights (in the afternoon) Though ideal they aligned we (we’d forget) Stood outside the path of totality (what’s still left) When it comes again Where will we be then? Maybe it wasn’t what we’d thought There in the dark, there were no shapes to all the stars To tell them apart We thought then What if it means nothing You saw the moonlight split among its woven turns And how the light was thus disturbed You swallowed your words Hoping for another way out But never could work up the nerve ‘Cause fulfillment has a learning curve And I kept to the wall, got off on the wrong floor (I was hoping this time I’d stay for more) When I left out the rest, you knew there was more The present tense now seldom affords (relevant) discourse like We used to feel things we had never felt Used to keep secrets we’d never tell Used to have someone to keep the secrets from I guess we used them well Waited ‘til the night before Waited through the winter Wait ‘til years pass faster than before (I opened the door I stood in silence before entering We’re working up to our reflections of the surface) And its spinning makes no difference (And its ending meant acceptance) We can’t feel angles obliquitous (Was to be our last attempt) We’ll be upright, though at a distance Anywhere on the surface


This is the first Invalids album to feature the other members of Invalids and real (not programmed) drums. Invalids was always meant to be a real band, playing live shows and recording music with live instruments. That dream is finally fulfilled. <3

Invalids loves you

As always, downloads of this album come with instrumental versions of all tracks, including separate artwork to be used therefor.

Tabs are available here (.txt):https://www[dot]dropbox[dot]com/s/k6e1iasda658cig/Invalids%20Tabs%20Complete%20Mar%202018.zip?dl=0

And here (.tbt): www[dot]tabarea.net/tabs/list.php@f=5655.html


released March 27, 2018

Pete Davis – left guitar, lead vocals
Brock Benzel – right guitar, right vocals
Raymond Bonanno – bass, left vocals
Joe Scala – drums, glockenspiel

All music and lyrics written by Pete Davis
Recorded by Raymond Bonanno in Newark, NJ

All music mixed and mastered by Pete Davis

Artwork by Vanessa Valadez

© 2018 Invalids


all rights reserved



Invalids Princeton, New Jersey

Invalids started as the bedroom project of Pete Davis (with remote internet-based collaboration with other musicians). As of March 2015, it has grown to a proper four-piece band with the addition of Joe Scala, Raymond Bonanno, and Brock Benzel.

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